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Die Casting service in China Die Casting service in China

Die Casting service in China

We provide Zinc die casting, Aluminum die casting, Brass die casting

What is Die Casting ?

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by the use of a mold cavity to apply high pressure to molten metal. The mold is usually machined from a stronger alloy, similar to injection molding. Most die castings are iron-free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and lead-tin alloys and their alloys. Depending on the type of die casting, either a cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine is used


Die Casting Advantages

Die casting can have a big advantages compair to other manufacturing processes, which is lead a major cost savings, not only in the cost of die casting part but also in the overall cost of production. When you casting a part, you can create complex net shapes, Whatever your parts needs a external threads or complex internal features — Die casting can minimizing secondary operations. You can also combine multiple parts into a single part, eliminating assembly operations and lowering labor costs, with the added benefits of simplified stock control and greater component consistency.

1. Quality assurance

Die casting has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, strength than sand casting increased by 25 ~ 30%, casting size tolerance by the mold control, high precision, dimensional stability, can die-casting thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current zinc alloy die casting minimum wall thickness up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings up to 0.5mm; minimum cast out hole diameter of 0.7mm; minimum pitch of 0.75mm.

2. High production efficiency

Mechanization and automation, efficient machine productivity, ordinary horizontal cold air die-casting machine can die-cast 600-700 times in eight hours on average, small hot chamber die-casting machine can die-cast 3000-7000 times every eight hours on average; long life of die-casting type, one pay die-casting type, die-casting bell alloy, life can reach hundreds of thousands of times, even millions of times.

3. Excellent economic effect

Because the die casting size has high accuracy, surface finish and other advantages. Die-casting products can generally be used directly without further mechanical processing, which not only improves the metal utilization rate, but also reduces a large number of processing equipment and labor; and castings are cheap; can be used in combination die-casting to other metal or non-metallic materials. Both save assembly time and save metal.

Other benefits include:

Variable wall thicknesses
Tighter tolerances
Fewer steps from raw material to finished part
Fast production cycle times
Reduction in material scrap


Die Casting Applications

Die casting is widely used in variety industries, making a variety of products, parts and shapes for a variety of industries, such as automotive manufacturing, electronics, building and construction, EMI shielding, HVAC, fixtures and plumbing, furniture, and industrial manufacturing. Customers value the durability, precision detail and consistently high quality of die cast parts. 


Die Casting Company List:

The top 10 aluminum die casting manufacturers in China are:

1. Chongqing Refine-Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. 

2. Lijia Group Co., Ltd.


4. Guangdong Hongtai Technology

5. Ningbo Delron Industrial Co., Ltd.

6. Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd.

7. Guangdong Whencan Die Casting Co., Ltd

8. Chongqing Huantai Machinery Manufacture Limited Company

9. Yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology Co., ltd.

10. Hongjingyuan Metal & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Die casting machine

Hot Chamber
Hot Chamber
  • 2 sets 2000 Ton Zicn Hot Chamber, LK
  • 2 sets 1500 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber, LK
  • 1 sets 280 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber, LK
  • 2 sets 200 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber, LK
  • 5 sets 160 Ton Zinc Hot Chamber, LK
Cold Chamber
Cold Chamber
  • 2 sets 1550 Ton Aluminum Cold Chamber, LK
  • 1 sets 2600 Ton Aluminum Cold Chamber, LK
  • 1 sets 3650 Ton Alumiunm Cold Chamber, LK
  • 1 sets 1800 Ton Aluminum Cold Chamber, LK
  • 5 sets 280T Aluminum Cold Chamber, LK

Die Casting Insurance

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