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HJY Metal’s Kitchen Cabinet Hardware- a perfect combination of Style and Function


Renowned as one of the most advanced and professional manufacturers and cabinet hardware suppliers, we at HJY provide complete and customized cabinet hardware solutions to our customers.


Right from the custom-designed cabinet and recessed pulls to knobs; HJY provides bulk order purchases and the best prices to the customers. Along with these stylish kitchen cabinet hardware parts, we also provide the latest, durable, and functional non-self-closing Face Mount Cabinet Hinges, slide soft close cabinet hinges, and drawer slides as a cabinet hardware supplier.


With the vision to elevate the kitchen interior of their customers to covering larger customer bases of commercial and residential clients, Shenzhen HongJingYuan Hardware and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has been dominating the metal parts manufacturing domain since 1996.


Manufactured using the latest technology and the traditional craftsmanship, HJY metal’s Kitchen Cabinet hardware is made in zinc alloy and aluminum materials for customers in Japan, Europe, and many other such regions of the world.


In our 23 years of experience as cabinet hardware suppliers, we have honed of craftsmanship and manufacturing technology to stay afloat with the latest kitchen cabinet trends across the globe. Along with looks and style, we have a dedicated R&D team that relentlessly works on improving the product quality and customization capabilities.


With a factory that is widespread in a staggering area of 25,000 square meters, our 400 skilled employees have successfully produced more than 300 million cabinet handles for customers across the globe.


At HJY Metals, customers get the best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware that is customized and manufactured using a customer-centric approach and with stringent Quality Control processes. To experience our value-driven services and get quality products; get in touch with our representative today and give us an opportunity to create a win-win deal as your trusted cabinet hardware supplier.

About HJY Metal 


Founded in 1996, Shenzhen HongJingYuan Hardware and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal parts,


With 25000 square meters of factory area and over 400 employees, HongJingYuan specializes in metal shape design and production, as well as metal surface effect treatment. From modern technology to traditional craftsmanship, HongJingYuan has 23 years of experience in metal processing and has a complete metal products production chain, including design, mold, rapid prototyping, die-casting, CNC processing, surface treatment, quality inspection and testing, packaging, and other processes, the products are mainly used in home decoration, drones, medical, electronics, automotive, machinery, construction, communications, toys, intelligent devices and other industries customers All over the world.


Cabinet handle manufacturer


In the early days, Hongjingyuan mainly focused on metal processing. It mainly made zinc alloy, aluminum cabinet handles and door handles for partners in Japan, Europe, and other regions. During this period, our Japanese partners also visited the Hongjingyuan factory many times for Technical guidance,  which bring us great progress in quality and craftsmanship. In 2013, we became the drafting unit of the national light industry standard (installation size of household handle QB/T1241-2013). At present, Hongjingyuan has its own brand and R&D team and has produced more than 300 million cabinet handles for the world.

What else we can do:


ODM/ODM metal product manufacturing and metal processing services


With the advancement of in-house technologies, we now offer Die casting, CNC Machining, Finishing services, Rapid Prototyping , and 3D Printing Services in addition to our core Cabinet handles production. In addition, we've expanded from our early years serving home decor companies to now being a Matel Custom Manufacturer serving the medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, home decoration, machinery, construction, toys, and other industries


Our Facilities


Die Casting  22 sets

CNC Cutting Machines  7 Sets

CNC Machining 2 sets 

Automatic polishing machine 2 sets

German vibrator 8 sets

Polishing machine position  80+


With quality and brand as the foundation, HongJingYuan has developed a complete set of the management system and operation procedures, implemented a staff induction responsibility system, scientific management, management personnel, and operation mechanics at all levels engaged in production, are required to undergo a strict assessment after merit. For the shipment of products, we insist on strict quality control, strictly in accordance with the requirements of customers, to deliver high-quality and perfect products to customers. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with our customers' enterprises!


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Shatian industrial zone,Kengzi town,Longgang district, Shenzhen, China


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