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wardrobe door handles


One of the oldest decorating techniques is to replace worn-out cabinets with new hardware, and for good reason. With wardrobe doors, the same method also functions on a larger scale. Even the most mundane doors may seem spectacular with the addition of new hardware and door handles. Especially for flat wardrobe designs, the wardrobe door handle "becomes this type of lovely object, like a utilitarian piece of art."

You could be inclined to ignore wardrobe door handles in general, yet they have the power to quietly change the atmosphere of a space. Doors, frames, and furniture have served as additional opportunities for grand houses throughout history to display wealth.

For example, highly decorative and delicate door knobs were made for the Palace of Versailles, and their level of elaborateness has waxed and waned alongside other interior trends. Depending on the region, choices for material and design included wooden knobs, wrought iron latches, and porcelain or ceramic knobs.


wardrobe door handles


Wardrobe Door Handles To Complement Your Home Interior

It's amazing how fresh, fashionable handles can make a worn-out space or piece of furniture look! Consider changing the handles with some fancy ones if your kitchen cabinets or wardrobe are looking a little drab or if you want to make an old piece of furniture look new (or like a designer piece).


What To Look For When Purchasing Wardrobe Door Handles

Purchasing suitable wardrobe handles might not be as simple as they seem. As they require designing knowledge as well as familiarity with the material sizes and other stuff regarding the door handles. While to make the decision easy for you we have made this list containing a few crucial factors that you must ensure before settling for any kind of wardrobe door handles.


wardrobe sliding door fittings


Material Of The Handle

The materials used to make cabinet or door handles are normally strong enough to withstand repeated use and resist deterioration over time from dirt and oils on hands. Although you could occasionally encounter a wooden or plastic doorknob, they often aren't as durable over time as metal, porcelain, crystal, and glass.

Brass is a common material for metal wardrobe door handles because it resists rust and corrosion and has the desirable property of being inherently antibacterial. The choice of another metal treatment for brass knobs is frequently a matter of aesthetics.


Style Of The Handle

From incredibly intricate antique wardrobe handles to low-profile, unobtrusive ones you can get at Home Depot. Wardrobe door handles come in a variety of styles. You shouldn't worry that every new piece of furniture will clash with a set of Victorian floral knobs, so it's probably best to stay on a safer note.

Their carefully chosen selection includes a wide variety of forms and purposes, from big, bold handles to tiny, curving pull handles, leather handles, wardrobe sliding door fittings, and textured cylinder knobs. But the choice is all yours and you should make wise decisions considering the theme of your interior as well as wardrobe door texture and shape.


Closing Mechanism Of The Handle

There are four different types of handles or knobs you'll come across:

  1. Passage knobs, also known as hall-closet knobs, are non-locking
  2. Privacy knobs, also known as bed-bath knobs, have a pin, thumb-turn, or push-button locking mechanism
  3. Keyed entry knobs, which have a key-operated lock
  4. Dummy knobs, which are decorative but non-functional

Check these aspects before purchasing any wardrobe door handles to make an educated decision and avoid any inconvenience in the future. While these key points will ensure help you set your hands on the most astounding pieces of wardrobe handles.


Choose Your Handle Finish

Although the majority of specialty door or wardrobe handles are made of metal, others are made of crystal, porcelain, or wood. A nearly endless variety of finish possibilities are available for metal handles, ranging from mirror-like polished chrome to severely tarnished antique brass.

Consider the other metal fixtures in your house, the home's age, and style, as well as the finish you want. You might want your wardrobe door hardware to have the same satin nickel finish as the plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms. On the other hand, a rich oil-rubbed bronze may be a better option for a Craftsman-style home with dark wood paneling.


Convenience Wardrobe Sliding Door Fittings Offer

Sliding door wardrobes appear to be popular right now, especially because they look attractive and help conserve space in the little rooms that the majority of apartments have. According to the individual requirements of the customer, sliding systems can also be utilized for other furniture cabinets, and wardrobes, in the living room or kitchen.

For a smooth and responsive glide, sliding door kits must have the proper width and depth. Wardrobe doors can open easily thanks to wardrobe sliding door fittings on top and bottom tracks.

Benefits of Sliding Door Fittings Offer

Sliding wardrobe doors are becoming a more common feature throughout the house, not just in bedrooms. What distinguishes this addition from conventional wardrobes and cupboards that it can bring to your home? We have mentioned three benefits that the sliding wardrobe sliding door fittings offer for better understanding.


1.    Save Space

You can use sliding wardrobes to maximize the floor space in your home as they don't have hinged doors. Furthermore, because they are integrated into existing walls, you can create more storage space without taking up room in existing spaces.

The use of reflection in a room aids in maximizing the illusion of space with light, which not only results in additional floor space but is emphasized by lighting because many sliding door systems use mirrors.


2.    Elegant Looks

Comparing sliding wardrobe systems to more conventional storage options reveals how they provide ageless modern elegance that is aesthetically pleasing. Each wardrobe's fittings enable seamless integration with most walls, and you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to match the decor of your room.


3.    Better Storage

Since you start and end your days in the bedroom and may take a nap in between, it is without a doubt one of the rooms that accumulates the most clutter over time. The storage that wardrobe sliding door fittings provide is practical. They offer simple operation and quick access (no fussy handles), as well as the flexibility to customize with internal storage to suit your particular demands.


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