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For normal work, office furniture is used frequently and can be easily damaged for long periods of use. Office screens and bookcases that are made in one piece need to be repaired by professionals, but if there is a problem with office furniture accessories, you can buy them yourself and replace them. Today, let us know some common hardware accessories:

1 , file cabinet hardware accessories - connectors

The connector is generally used for the connection of the side or bottom plate of the file cabinet. Commonly used connectors for office furniture fittings include connecting rods and hinges.

        The connecting rod can be divided into a threaded rod, a barbed nut rod, a terminal connecting rod, a double connecting rod, a movable connecting rod and the like.

        The hinge is mainly used for the rotation and opening of various types of cabinet doors, box covers and the like. According to the different hinges of its construction, it can be divided into bright hinges, dark hinges, glass door hinges, aluminum door hinges and the like. It is completely hidden inside the office furniture without being exposed, so that the surface of the office furniture is clear and beautiful and neat is a dark hinge. There are three types of cup-shaped dark hinges, folding door hinges, and flap hinges. The glass door hinge has a glass door dark hinge and a glass door hinge.

2 , drawer / keyboard hardware accessories - slide rails

        Slide rails are mainly used for the installation of desk keyboards, drawers, etc.; they are pulled out and pulled out according to the length of the pull-out; they can be divided into push-in and self-closed according to the use method; they can be divided into two sides according to the installation method. Side installation; according to the purpose can be divided into drawer slides, keyboard slides.

3 , office furniture hardware accessories - locks, handles

        Locks are mainly used for seals on objects such as boxes, drawers, doors, etc. The lock used in office furniture is usually a color lock, which has a glass door lock, a mortise lock, a button lock, a tongue lock, etc.; and the handle function is convenient for opening an auxiliary part of a drawer, a cabinet door, etc., and also a decorative effect.

4 , office chair hardware accessories - casters, tripods

        The casters include movable and fixed casters, which are convenient for moving and moving objects. It is very common to use universal casters on office chairs, which are usually used with five-star feet and can rotate 360. Of course, the material of the casters is also a lot.

5 , office chair hardware accessories - pneumatic rod

        The gas pressure rod is mostly used for the ordinary lifting office chair. The gas pressure rod is filled with ammonia gas. If the purity is <90%, there will be safety hazards. If the material of the gas pressure rod is unqualified, the gas will leak out, and even a serious explosion will occur. Therefore, the material of the gas pressure rod and its process are very important.

        The above are some of the most commonly used hardware accessories in office furniture accessories. If you need to replace them in daily use, you can purchase them as needed.

Office furniture accessories hardware accessories

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