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characteristics have been well ecelved inthe field of decoration, becoming a new focus in the building materials industry. The designer of Hongjingyuan is keenly aware of this new fashion and integrates marble into this Z683 handle. Marble is a gitt of nature,so the texture of eachpiece is different. the texture is natural, the texture is tough and atmospheric, and the appearance is very high. This handle enhances the overall texture of the space through the harmony of hardware color selection and marble material.

Please enjoy our Z683. No matter what size, the embedded charm will not become small because of the small size. You can see the texture and advanced sense visually, feel the comfortable arc design, the perfect use of curves, and the integration of art and life. The designer's original intention is to make the home feel warm, have a sense of belonging, low-key but not luxurious, but also show low-key luxury everywhere.

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Shatian industrial zone,Kengzi town,Longgang district, Shenzhen, China


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