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Cabinet Hardware

HJY (Hongjingyuan) Metal: Cabinet Hardware Supplier in China

Established in 1998, HJY Metal is a cabinet hardware supplier with 23 years of experience in the home decor industry. Our main products are cabinet handles and knobs, most made of zinc alloy and aluminum materials, such as cabinet and drawer pulls, furniture pulls, our products are widely used in many scenarios of home life, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

If you want to import cabinet pulls from China, HJY is your first choice.

Quality assurance.

  1. 2013 National Light Industry Standard (Household Handle Installation Size QB/T1241-2013 ) drafting unit.
  2. At the early stage of creation, HongJingYuan has started to cooperate with Japan, Europe and other high-end brands to help produce cabinet pulls and other home hardware, thanks to partners who have strict requirements for us all the way, HongJingYuan has the industry leading level of technology and techniques.
  3. HongJingYuan has created more than 300 million cabinet and door handles for the world.


Company scale

The total area of the factory is 25000m². People in the metal processing industry should know very well that metal processing needs to go through a number of complex processes such as mold, stamping, die-casting, surface treatment, etc. HJY (HongJingYuan) is one of the few companies in the industry that have integrated the whole process of metal processing, we have four factories that can handle different processes of metal processing such as mold, die-casting molding, machining, metal surface treatment (oil spray, spray surge, oxidation), etc.

We are the best cabinet pull supply manufacturer in China, providing one-stop solution for design, quick prototype, production and export, contact us for a quick quote!


Shatian industrial zone,Kengzi town,Longgang district, Shenzhen, China


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